Assess and Measure Progress

Institutional Goal 4a: Conducting a universitywide climate survey

Update Fall 2022: JHU has identified an external firm to conduct a comprehensive climate survey. It is anticipated the climate survey will launch [DATE].

Institutional Goal 4b: Creating DEI action plans and scorecards at the university, divisional and departmental levels

Update Fall 2022: Links to academic and operational divisional goals can be found [LINK TO WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND]. As of Fall 2022, scorecards are under development and will be deployed once baseline data is established.

Institutional Goal 4c: Broadening composition reports

Update Fall 2022: An enhanced composition dashboard can be found here. As composition reports are released, they will include additional demographic data.

Institutional Goal 4d: Tracking current and future investment in DEI)

Update Fall 2022: Institutional and divisional leaders have been provided with tracking tools and will continue to monitor investments.

Institutional Goal 4e: Ensuring attentiveness to disability

Update Fall 2022: Additional information on advancements in the area of disability are forthcoming.