Appendix 1: The 2020 Roadmap Task Force Process

In July 2020, university leaders announced the creation of the Roadmap 2020 Task Force, a body to candidly assess the first JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion and make recommendations on the commitments, strategies and measurable results necessary in its second iteration. Through an open application process, the three co-chairs built the task force with 44 members— volunteers representing faculty, students, staff, alumni and the Baltimore community. A total of 118 additional individuals also volunteered to serve on working groups focused more specifically on seven priority areas: student success, faculty diversity, pathways to staff advancement, training and development, alumni engagement, community engagement, and institutional accountability.

Between September 2020 and April 2021, the task force held 28 listening sessions and conversations and five full meetings, and the working groups met 133 times collectively. From these deliberations, the task force developed and submitted 65 recommendations to university leadership, who in turn shared those recommendations with the full Johns Hopkins community in May 2021. We received input from 82 individuals during the public comment period of May and June 2021, which helped prioritize and shape the final strategies. ODI and university leaders also worked to analyze recommendations, research best practices, and explore funding needs and sources, consulting with deans, divisional finance leaders, and responsible functional areas, such as Human Resources and Student Affairs.

In November 2021, the university posted a draft of the second Roadmap on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, setting forth a plan for 24 new goals to be achieved over the next five years.  During a period of community comment and feedback, which included six open feedback meetings with staff, students, faculty, and alumni as well as individual meetings and comments via email and the JHU diversity website, the university gathered and incorporated feedback into the Roadmap plan before presenting it to the Board of Trustees for endorsement during the second week of December 2021. Following Board endorsement, the plan was adopted by the university in final form and the university will begin developing implementation plans in spring 2022.    

Roadmap 2020 Task Force

Community Message with Leadership Updates on Taskforce progress and recommendations