Pronouns at JHU

Johns Hopkins University offers students, faculty, and staff the option of using a set of pronouns within select university systems.

Pronouns are how we refer to each other in the third person and serve as a reflection of gender identity and expression. Similar to using chosen name, respecting the pronouns of a student, faculty or staff member supports a positive and inclusive campus culture.

JHU reserves the right to remove a pronoun selection for any reason, including misrepresentation or the use of inappropriate, offensive or derogatory language.

This information applies to all schools and campuses at JHU, except where indicated.

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Specifying Your Pronouns in JHU Systems

Select JHU systems receive your pronoun selection from the myJH portal.

Learn about specifying your pronouns in myJH

Systems Supporting Pronouns

These systems support a pronoun selection.

myJH portal/JHEDAll schoolsStudents, faculty and staffSpecified via Pronouns. Searchable via portal. Learn about specifying your pronouns in myJH
SISAll schools except School of MedicineStudents and facultyStudent pronouns: Used in class rosters and for advising.
Faculty pronouns: Used in class schedules.
CanvasAll schools except Bloomberg School of Public HealthStudents and facultySet from myJH value unless ‘Other’ was selected, in which case a manual update may be required via User Settings > Account > Settings
CoursePlusBloomberg School of Public HealthStudents and facultyDisplayed in course rosters and discussion forums
Zoom for StudentsAll schoolsStudentsStudents update Pronouns in their profile
Zoom for Faculty and StaffAll schoolsFaculty and staffFaculty and staff update Pronouns in their profile
MyChartKrieger School of Arts & Whiting School of Engineering UndergraduateStudentsStudents with JH-affiliated MyChart accounts can update pronouns via the Personal Information section. Click Edit for the Details About Me box and then the Questionnaires Page link.