2018 Diversity and Inclusion Conference

The 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Conference was held on October 19, 2018, and marks the first time the conference was held as a full day event. Workshops on topics ranging from sexual harassment in academia to welcoming Johns Hopkins global community were offered to more than 500 attendees.

Keynote Panelist

For our plenary session, the conference engaged one of the Trustees. Renee Chenault-Fattah moderated a plenary discussion with Dr. Johnetta Cole and Howard Ross. In lieu of a single keynote speaker, President Ron Daniels moderated a panel discussion around diversity and inclusion with the Deans during the luncheon.

Efforts to make the conference the most inclusive to date include the addition of all gender restrooms, a mother’s room, vegan/halal/kosher dining options, and highlighting Homewood’s Prayer and Meditation room.