Specifying Your Pronouns

Specifying your Pronouns in myJH will also set a pronouns value in select downstream systems. Allow at least 24 hours for changes to myJH to propagate to other systems.

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myJH Portal/JHED

  1. Go to my.jhu.edu.
  2. Go to “myProfile”.
  3. In the Pronouns field, select a set of pronouns from the list. You also have the option of selecting “Other” and entering a value of up to 30 characters.
  4. Specify who is able to see your pronouns via directory searches. Note this setting does not restrict sending your pronouns to another JHU system.
  5. Click “Save myProfile” to save your changes.


  • Specify only pronouns. Please do not enter a name in the field.
  • If you have no pronoun preference, leave Pronouns blank.