Roadmap Goals, Commitments, and Resources

The second JHU Roadmap on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion renews and deepens our institutional commitment to the equal dignity and worth of all persons and to the cultivation of an environment in which all our members are able to flourish.

In the sections below, this Roadmap sets forth a new set of robust goals and priorities, undergirded by significant financial investments, that will allow us to realize our DEI aims. These aims are deeply informed by the work of the Roadmap Task Force and ongoing feedback from the many engaged members of our community. No single initiative, program or priority stands alone; rather they represent as a whole a broad-ranging, structural, and sustained commitment to embedding the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion across our institution and in our teaching and learning, research and discovery, public service, and work with and as part of our Baltimore community.


Johns Hopkins must ensure our institutional frameworks clearly reflect and support inclusive excellence. As part of this overarching aim, we are committed to articulating clearly and unequivocally the guiding principles that drive our work; to investigating and illuminating our past so it may shape our present and future actions; and to investing in and elevating leadership in DEI at all levels of our university.


From the moment they arrive at Johns Hopkins, it is essential that our staff feel welcomed and supported and can clearly see and access continuous pathways to professional and personal advancement—whether that means being supported as they pursue career advancement or educational opportunities or continue to thrive and excel in their current positions.


Our commitment to the flourishing of our students—intellectually, morally, socially—is central to the university’s mission. To discharge this responsibility, the university and its divisions must not only recruit a diverse community of students, at every level and in every division, but also build and foster an environment that welcomes, supports, and celebrates diverse people and ideas.

Sri Sarma

Johns Hopkins aims to be a place that outstanding diverse scholars seek out for their academic and professional home and then remain and reach their full potential in a welcoming, supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. To achieve this, the university and its divisions must not only do more to address gaps in our recruiting of a diverse faculty, particularly in areas where there has been little progress, but also to address persistent feedback regarding the impact of culture and climate on retention and advancement, and establish more firmly our commitment to inclusive excellence.


We aim to create a model of inclusive alumni engagement that fosters affinity between the university and alumni from underrepresented groups and that builds strong networks to create pathways for equitable outcomes for future Johns Hopkins students and graduates.

East Baltimore Food Access Initiative

Johns Hopkins is truly and deeply of Baltimore. We understand our role as an anchor institution in our city, working alongside community partners to build healthy and vibrant spaces for growth and development. Our fundamental aim is to strategically pair resources and capabilities to build opportunity in distressed areas, address long-standing disparities, and partner to create sustainable solutions.