DIG Awardees 2018-2019

Project Name: STEM-LEADS 

Project Lead: Julia Duvall, Student, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences 

Awarded: $2500

Outcome: This team of JHU students and staff taught STEM coursework to Patterson High School students. The group plans to continue this work moving forward, focusing on college-level STEM projects.

Project Name: LGBTQ Health Pop-Ups Across JHMI

Project Lead: Danielle German, Faculty, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Awarded: $2,500

Outcome: This group partnered with five entities to hold seven events regarding LGBTQ health topics. They reached over 300 people in total, and they plan to continue these efforts moving forward.

Project Name: Families at Homewood Orientation Video

Project Lead: Julie Rose, Director and Curator of the Homewood Museum

Awarded: $2,500

Outcome: The Homewood Museum used their support from the DLC to produce a video on the free and enslaved families that resided in the historic house. This video will be presented to roughly 5,000 people annually.

Project Name: SAIS Symposium on Diversity in International Affairs

Project Lead: Chiedo Nwankwor, Visiting Research Associate and Lecturer, School of Advanced International Studies

Awarded: $2,500

Outcome: On September 21, 2018, the group held the Young Scholars International Affairs Symposium for students from the DC Public School System. Moving forward, they plan to host similar events and expand their offerings to local schools.