Roadmap 2020 Task Force

In July 2020 President Daniels announced the formation of the Roadmap Task Force to reassess and renew our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion and to begin the process of moving toward a new set of robust commitments for the next five years.

Message from leadership updating the community on the Roadmap Task Force

Dear Johns Hopkins Community,

We write to update you regarding the efforts now underway to chart a course for the next iteration of the JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion, which since 2016 has been our university’s guiding document and accountability framework for advancing equitable opportunity and inclusive excellence.

Last summer we began a process for renewing and updating these commitments with the convening of the Roadmap 2020 Task Force, and we have now reached a key milestone in that process, with the presentation of the Task Force’s many innovative recommendations.

Full message can be found here.

Roadmap 2020 Task Force Roster

The Roadmap 2020 Task Force Roster can be found here.

Roadmap 2020 Task Force Meeting Materials

Roadmap 2020 Task Force meeting materials can be found here.