Call for International Trans Day of Visibility Submissions

Trans Utopia and Expanding Genders

In preparation for the International Trans Day of Visibility, Johns Hopkins University is seeking evocative submissions. This year’s Trans Day of Visibility theme is Trans Utopia—this theme calls on us to imagine a liberatory future for trans and gender-expansive people wherein trans+ identities are affirmed and celebrated. Submissions will be available on a public JHU website connected to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and will be displayed during the Trans Day of Visibility at the Expanding Genders event on April 2, 2024.

We are looking for submissions that articulate trans & gender-expansive futures, trans liberation, and trans solidarity, examples of the type including, but not limited to: poetry, prose, visual art, collages, music, photography, etc. Please, send your works to addressing:

  • Adrian for art submissions
  • Laramie for narrative, criticism, & poetry
  • Heather for multimedia submissions

We are excited to share our visions for the future of a trans+-oriented reality this Spring 2024 and are looking forward to robust and engaging submissions.

Submissions can be submitted by individuals or groups and may be submitted anonymously or under a pseudonym. Submissions are due by January 28th. Please send your questions to

Save the Date

Expanding  Genders:  Trans+  Day  of  Visibility  Celebration

April 2nd, 2024 / Homewood Campus

Join us to celebrate the Trans Day of Visibility with a day of dialogue, art, narrative, and activism.