Development and Alumni Relations

Goal: Create a culture of belonging through inclusive and equitable practices.

Future State

  • Profession: Furthering diversity within the Development & Alumni Relations profession 
  • People: Committing to diversity in how we identify, recruit, and promote to secure the best team 
  • Culture: Creating an environment in the workplace that values differences in an inclusive way, engages our team, and broadens our relationships with the constituents and communities that we serve 


  • Year 1 – Q1 – Begin developing the roadmap – submit to executive team for approval.  
  • Year 1 – Q2  – Disperse the roadmap to department for open comment period & publish the final roadmap 
  • Year 1 – Q3 & Q4 – Execute upcoming annual goals such as ORIGINS Program & DEIB Summit 
  • Year 2 – Evaluate new programming goals and previous annual goals for sustainability in execution  
  • Years 3 – 5 – Assess and continue embedding goals into the structure of the division