Finance and Administration

Goal: Embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles in all areas of Finance and Administration (F&A) by establishing a coordinated initiative and related DEI strategic planning process across its divisions, with measurable goals, transparent assessment and sharing of results with all staff.  The initiative will provide mechanisms for leadership accountability and develop support infrastructure and resources to aid its divisions

Future State

  • Departments each craft regularly updated DEI strategies, supported by regular climate surveys and discussion with staff. 
  • Best practices and resources are shared across the division and implemented through an iterative and coordinated strategic planning process. 
  • Goals are set and progress is measured and shared broadly with staff across Finance & Administration to ensure accountability. 


  • FY23 Q1 & Q2 –Draft preliminary initiative vision, clarify roles of new hires, and hire individuals to help build out and implement program. 
  • FY23 Q3 & Q4– Inventory current efforts, asses and identify synergies, and optimize programs. 
  • FY24 — Socialize and launch DEI program with metrics, goals, program activities and reporting structures. 
  • Late FY24-on – Formalize iterative strategic plans, build on successes, identify and share new best practices, etc.