Hopkins Student Affairs

Goal: Hopkins Student Affairs will work to increase the compositional diversity of and cultural competency of our managers and leadership across the division through expanded, inclusive and strategic recruitment, networking, hiring, and training practices.

Future State

  • All search committees for SA positions will take “Reducing Unconscious Bias in JHU recruiting” through mylearning.  
  • Senior Leadership Team members will review candidate pools to ensure a commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in the recruitment process and pool (as best you can tell from submitted materials) before the pool goes to the screening process.  
  • Jobs will be posted consistently in a variety of places including Diverse Issues and other sites that will reach diverse audiences.   
  • We will have a clear picture of the racial makeup of our existing staff and develop metrics by which we will measure our success in increasing the compositional diversity of our division through staff recruitment and retention. 
  • We will have language in all job postings about our commitment to DEI 


  • In year one we will plan to begin the cultural competency work with the leadership of the division, add the required training for all staff, and require the unconscious bias training for search committees. 
  • In year one, we will begin to develop a process by which Senior Leadership Team members will review candidate pools so that we can begin doing that in year 2. 
  • In year one, we will document the racial makeup of the existing staff, breaking out managers and leadership as that has been named as a particular area where we are lacking racial diversity. 
  • In year two and beyond, we will take an annual look at the racial makeup of the division and determine necessary steps to close any gaps. 
  • In year 2 – 4 we will develop an iterative division training and development plan to provide staff with the training and resources to ensure our commitment to diversity and inclusion is threaded through our work. 
  • In year 2 -3 we will work to establish a division diversity committee to support training and development and inclusion across the division.