Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Goal: Develop a clear understanding of our recruitment challenges/needs and implement a comprehensive and targeted recruitment strategy for graduate students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups (URGs).

Future State

  • The annual review of disaggregated Graduate Admissions data and documented challenges will become a standard practice. 
  • Department diversity action plans will include internal data to inform their graduate recruitment approaches. 
  • Existing and future recruitment incentives offered by the Dean’s Office will account for the recruitment challenges of smaller departments  
  • The decision to implement, change, or eliminate recruitment practices will be supported by local data that justifies that approach. 


  • Examine 5 years of disaggregated data from Graduate Admissions to identify: application, acceptance, rejection, and matriculation rates across race/ethnicity and gender and discuss appropriate recruitment strategies with
  • Department diversity champions will track the yield rate of accepted applicants from URGs, including the number of those that decline due to financial offer and share with Assistant Dean for DEI. [Year 2: Q1] departments.   
  • Implement a survey evaluation and tracking system for all Deans Office recruitment events and use results to inform our recruitment strategy. 
  • Assess progress on strategies and reformulate as necessary [Years 3- 5]