Office of General Counsel

Goal: Embed the JHU roadmap values of diversity, equity and inclusion into the operations and work of the Office of General Counsel (OGC), through both (1) internal, office-focused work/initiatives and (2) external, client-facing legal advice and counsel.

Future State

  • Better institutionalized standards for hiring/interviewing practices. 
  • More intentional consideration of a variety of equity considerations in office-wide legal practice. 
  • Enhanced approach to retention of outside counsel, including expectations of outside firms around diversity. 


  • Year 1: Develop a plan to enhance hiring and interviewing practices. Roll out first annual OGC DEI plan, and plan for how best to ensure that equity considerations are taken into account in all our work. Share efforts in office wide meetings for transparency and accountability. 
  • Year 2: Put into place plan to diversify outside counsel. Implement hiring and interviewing practices. 
  • Years 3-5: Reassess the strategies laid out above to ensure continued relevance and impact.