Office of Institutional Research

Goal: OIR’s Roadmap Goal is to improve the quality and the representation of the diversity data we collect, to share the information in ways that are responsive to the needs of the responsible offices and managers and to provide bench-marking data to aid them 

Future State

  • Collection and sharing of a broader set of diversity data; in particular, there is a need for information about LGBTQ status and disability. Broadening our reporting in this way will require a great deal of additional sensitivity, including developing strategies for anonymous self-identification of groups and identities via periodic climate surveys with data collection protocols evolving and tracking progress at the leadership and managerial levels. Future reports will incorporate the improved information landscape. 


  • Years 1-2 have an active role in data consortia discussions. Document the choices being discussed, identify the ‘best’ candidates i.e., the nomenclature systems that seem to have gathered the most momentum in IPEDS and AAUDE. Convene with ODI regularly to assess options best suited to JHU setting. 
  • Year 2: convene a ‘Diversity Data Revolution’ group: staff from ODI, OIR, registrar’s office, IT (systems) and divisional diversity officers, to propose changes and improvements in demographic information captured. 
  • Year 3: Formalize and socialize the proposal among the divisions, student groups, faculty and staff leadership; re-visit and fine-tune as necessary 
  • Year 4: Partner with systems (IT) to pilot the agreed-upon changes; for example, collect the new diversity information from students and incorporate into SIS 
  • Year 5: Factor in lessons learned from the pilot study (and also any new developments in higher ed on this topic) and implement the new data-gathering strategy for faculty, staff and students.