Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Goal: The Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives will implement best practices to hire a team for 555 that reflects and promotes equity, inclusivity, and diversity in experiences and perspectives.

Future State

  • Create a team in which managers/supervisors as well as team members reflect and promote equity, inclusivity, and diversity in experiences and perspectives 
  • Include bias mitigation training in 100% of searches 
  • Determine baseline and then increase pool of applicants from under-represented groups 


  • FY23, Q1-Q4: Post job(s) and advertise in venues that reach diverse populations 
  • FY23, Q1, Q2: Work with ODI on materials for bias mitigation protocol for hiring process 
  • FY23, Q2, Q3, Q4: Implement bias mitigation protocol in all searches 
  • FY24, Q1, Q2: Develop leadership competencies for managerial positions within the 555 structure 
  • FY24, Q3 & Q4: Socialize competencies within 555 team and develop retention strategies 
  • FY25-FY27: Assess progress on strategies and revise as necessary