Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Goal: The Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives will establish diversity, equity, and inclusivity as core values at the 555 Pennsylvania Avenue facility and for related programming.

Future State

  • Selection of programmatic areas of focus is informed by principles consistent with DEI 
  • Promotion and marketing of programming incorporates DEI best practices 
  • We establish the 555 programmatic brand as one that values inclusion, equity, and diversity 


  • FY23, Q1-Q4: Implement virtual or off-site programming 
  • FY23, Q1, Q2: Create 555 programmatic advisory committee 
  • FY23, Q1-Q4: Use virtual programming to inform development of DEI metrics for programming at 555
  • FY23, Q1, Q2: Transition to on-site programming at 555 
  • FY24: Develop DEI metrics 
  • FY24-FY27: Implement programming at 555 
  • FY24-FY25: Gather data using DEI metrics 
  • FY25-FY27: Assess progress and adjust programming as needed