Peabody Institute

Goal: Expand the breadth of creative voices studied and performed at Peabody to be more representative of the human experience.

Future State

  • Tracking of, and substantive increase in diverse voices studied and heard at Peabody span ensemble department, faculty and student recital program, and departmental/studio/classroom activities


  • Finalize and implement demographic tracking system for all performance-related activities (Year 1) 
  • Review syllabi to assess current levels of diverse programming by department as baseline(Year 1) 
  • Complete reporting and analysis on a twice-yearly basis 
  • Incorporate funding into individual department budgets for annual diversity programming (for FY24 and thereafter) 
  • Work with chairs to request 2-3 concrete departmental goals for increasing level of diverse voices (Years 2-3) 
  • Measure departmental activity through chair reports, faculty activity reports, syllabi review (annually) and repertoire benchmarking