Roadmap 2020 Task Force Full Body Meeting, November 19, 2020

The meeting started with Roadmap 2020 Task Force members introducing themselves via chatbox. Vice Provost Caldwell provided an overview of the Roadmap 2020 Task Force timeline, with task force members participating in work groups until Spring 2021.

The conversation then moved to the work of the work groups and the preliminary recommendations being made. As the group discussed how the recommendations are being developed the importance of both qualitative and quantitative data, best practices, and collaboration were identified as foundational to the development of the recommendations.

Vice Provost Caldwell shared a sample template for the work group to use to submit their preliminary recommendations on November 30, 2020.

The work groups then shared out a report on where they are in the process of developing recommendations.

  • Faculty Diversity
    • Student Success
    • Pathways to Staff Advancement
    • Institutional Accountability
    • Training and Development
    • Alumni Engagement
    • Community Engagement

The Roadmap 2020 Task Force then engaged in an open discussion, wherein task force members were encouraged to ask questions of the co-chairs and other workgroups. Through the discussion, the workgroups identified existing support as an issue to de-silo, as DEI efforts should be embedded into the culture of Johns Hopkins. Additionally, the Student Success workgroup has intersections with many of the workgroups as student experience goes beyond studies and is impacted by many, if not all, of the systems at Johns Hopkins. Roadmap 2020 Task Force members provided feedback on the timeline and discussed the scope of the recommendations and the resources required to move DEI forward at Johns Hopkins.