School of Medicine

Goal: Increase diverse faculty leadership representation by individuals from underrepresented in medicine and science (URiMS) a 5-year period in the School of Medicine (SOM)

Future State

  • Adopt a SOM policy for the recruitment of URiMS students, faculty, and leaders
  • SOM will continue to seek highly qualified candidates for all positions and comply with EEO law and policy in pursuit of its DEI goals
  • The SOM will consistently post jobs in publications or engage in searches through professional organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in the biomedical workforce
  • Unconscious bias training will be consistently included in faculty/leader searches, and >75% of JHHS and SOM managers will complete unconscious bias training.
  • With the above steps, SOM will endeavor to increase the representation of faculty leaders from URiMS backgrounds over the next five years to address diversity in these positions. 


  • Year 1-Q1 & 2 Obtain internal and SOM approval for the URiMS recruitment policy.
  • Year 1-Q 3 & 4 Initiate required activities under the policy for searches in the SOM.
  • Year 1-Q 3 & 4 Codify the process for internal and external searches.
  • Year 2-Q 1 & 2 Activate department chairs and fellowship directors to proactively recruit from a diverse pool of applicants.
  • Year 2-Q 1 – 4 Develop a data-driven monitoring plan to assess hiring and promotion outcomes across levels.
  • Years 3-5 Assess progress on outcomes and adjust the strategic approach as needed based on data.