School of Nursing

Goal: Through recruitment and retention, increase the diversity of our faculty with special emphasis on faculty from underrepresented backgrounds.

Future State

• Increase overall faculty recruitment

• A thriving and robust recruitment process for full and part-time nursing faculty from underrepresented backgrounds. 

• Increase retention efforts by ensuring an equitable process for promotion and tenure exists for all faculty.


•Y1- Identify and onboard the new Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.  

•Y2- Q1 & Q2: Identify best practices for recruitment and retention

                Q3 & Q4: Implement identified best strategies

•Y3- Q1 & Q2: Evaluate recruitment and retention efforts

                Q3 & Q4: revising and retooling

•Y4- Conduct division assessment

•Y5- retool plan/ strategies as necessary