School of Nursing

Goal: Create new five year (2024-2029) SON Strategic Plan that centers DEIB.

Future State

• AD of DEIB in conjunction with ODEI Diversity Council will lead the planning, processing, and development of the DEI initiatives that are necessary for the strategic plan.

• The new strategic plan process will include obtaining meaningful stakeholder input including faculty, staff, students, and community partners

• Strategic planning activities promote collaboration, relationships, and alignment between teams and between faculty/staff and leadership.

• The revised SON strategic plan will be SON’s roadmap for a more inclusive and equitable division.


•Y1– Q1: Identify list of faculty, students, staff, and alumni to invite for

                  participation in Diversity Council

          Q2: conduct first Diversity Council Meeting

          Q3: Visioning

          Q4: Strategic Planning Priority and Goal Setting

•Y2- Q1- Conduct landscape analysis including SON community forums

                 Q2: Identify existing research data points that assess climate (internal    

                  divisional research data, JHU climate survey, HR thrive and exit interview etc.)

                 Q3: Strategic Plan Approval

                 Q4: Tactical Planning

•Y3- Q1 & Q2: Draft of Strategic Plan

                  Q3 & Q4 Announcement and presentation of final draft of strategic plan to

                  SON Community 

•Y4- Evaluate division in relation to new strategic plan

•Y5- Retool plan/ strategies as necessary