Student Health and Well-Being

Goal: Reinvigorate and apply consistently our diversity principles in our recruitment and hiring efforts to ensure SHWB has staff with a diversity of identities and expertise to meet the complexity of student/learner needs.

Future State

  • Enhance diversity among employees providing direct care to students/learners which includes nurses, doctors, and counselors. When vacancies occur in senior level management positions apply recruitment and hiring best practices to ensure diverse candidate pools as outlined. 
  • Increase diversity in candidate pool, increase the pool of applicants from racial/ethnic and other under-represented groups such as those within the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities 
  • Include trained designated diversity advocate in search committees. All hiring managers must receive bias mitigation training 
  • Statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the recruitment process shared with all SHWB hiring managers, search committee and interview panel members. Include reference to the training module on eliminating bias 
  • Hire well-qualified candidates who represent diverse identities, value and apply principles of equity and inclusivity, and/or have experience or expertise working with diverse populations. 


  • Year 1 – 
    • Review advertising options and advertise in publications that reach diverse populations. 
    • Require hiring managers to view training on bias mitigation and include reference to the training during all position recruitment processes to hiring committees and panel members. 
    • Work with HR and recruitment firms to enhance existing recruitment practices 
    • Approach each new hire with these practices, with the responsibility initially lying with the SHWB LT who will communicate this throughout the division to hiring managers 
  • Year 1 – 2 – 
    • Develop/train internal pool of advocates to sit on all hiring committees and panels 
    • Begin utilizing diversity advocates 
  • Years 3 – 5 – 
    • Assess progress on strategies and retool as necessary