Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Goal: Revise, expand and assess the DEI-embedded practices in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Faculty Search Process. Strengthen partnership with diversity advocates and department diversity champions in this effort.

Future State

  • Diversity champions and diversity advocates will feel more empowered to perform their role and confidently address challenges.   
  • Outcomes of our faculty hiring will be tracked annually. 
  • Our Faculty Search Process will be modified as needed and changes will be informed by our annual reports. 
  • The Faculty Search Process and Hiring Diverse Faculty document will be updated regularly to reflect best practices 
  • Department diversity action plans will include internal data to inform their faculty hiring/retention goals and strategies 


  • Evaluate and implement needed changes to systems, structures, and processes of our Faculty Search Process and Hiring Diverse Faculty documents.[Year 1: Q1-Q4] 
  • Implement in person search committee and diversity advocate trainings. [Year 1: Q1-Q4] 
  • Diversity advocates will debrief with the Assistant Dean for DEI at the end of each search to discuss successes and challenges. Best practices will be shared across departments and challenges will be used to address future trainings [Year 1: Q4] 
  • Develop and implement MOU for diversity champions and diversity advocates. Provide necessary workshops and trainings for these groups to execute their responsibilities. [Year 2: Q1] 
  • Assess progress on strategies and reformulate as necessary. [Years 3- 5]