Office of Research

Goal: Increase the number of women and URGs in the second phase of the recruitment for the BDP cohort.

Future State

  • The goal is to increase the current number of women/non-binary individuals and URGs in the second BDP cohort


  • Training for all cluster co-leads: best practices for recruiting diversity faculty in partnership with the Diversity team and DLC (Years 1 – 5) 
  • Cohort-specific approval of diverse recruitment slates by university leadership (VPR, Provost, President) (Years 2 – 5) 
  • Customized sourcing of diverse candidate lists specific to subfields provided by the Sr. Research Initiatives and Analytics Manager (Years 1 – 5)  
  • Comprehensive recruitment visit support, connecting scholars to relevant communities provided by the BDP Central Administration Team (Years 1 – 5) 
  • Supportive onboarding process to ensure integration into the university overseen by the Director (Years 1 – 5) 
  • Long-term tracking of faculty member with biannual check-ins to assess burgeoning needs overseen by the Director, Executive Director and VPR (Years 1 – 5)