Ives Williams

It’s a New Week

My husband makes coffee and I read the paper in my robe, Sunday morningness parading throughout the centerfold

This scene, that second word, only possible within the past decade

And yet if you were to see us on cathode rays in Lucy’s black and white

Familiarity would shrug

Husband and wife? Two wives? Two gents? Who’s who- and from there, we get to “why?”

You get asked that a lot nowadays.

I sit and think perhaps we are

Too bright, too shiny, too new.

Is this what it means to blaze trail?

To have static to turn towards when you search

For the flicker of self in the narrator’s voice-

Write your own! They say. Nevermind if anyone will ever script it-

Who knows what technicolor has for us!

Trust the future,

Though the past holds only forgotten names and loves and lives

This time it will be different!

Said to tired voices and bodies

still burnished out

from tintypes to tabloids to text book

How thankless, for novelty to be so weary

But in the present scene, my husband has made fresh bread,

And it is still warm

Quote from Ives Williams

Ives Williams, “It’s A New Week.” This is a short poem inspired by a moment of contemplation on my husband and our place in the world. It sometimes saddens me that in today’s climate, our everyday scenes become moments of deliberation; it becomes harder and harder to keep distance, and one starts to view oneself as a political commodity and social novelty as much as the rest of the world does. Even so, I’d like to think that these small moments of reflection between trans people may remind us of our common place joys, and our capacity for love.