Roadmap 2020 Task Force Co-chair Meeting, January 14, 2021

The meeting opened with the Roadmap 2020 Task Force co-chairs providing and overview of the work they are collaborating on with University Administration. In December 2020 the co-chairs presented an update to the Board of Trustees on the Roadmap 2020 Task Force process, highlighting key workgroup activities and previewing task force next steps. The Roadmap 2020 Task Force co-chairs also shared University Administration initial impressions of the draft recommendations and encouraged the workgroups to push for bold final recommendations.

The group then discussed the timeline for submitting final recommendations and reviewed the next phase of strategic planning.

The Institutional Accountability group shared their framework for organizing their recommendations with the group including a focus on suggested mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of recommendations. The Student Success workgroup shared additional resources that could be adopted by the workgroups to evaluate the impact of recommendations.

The group then moved on to a shared out from the workgroups on where they are in the process of refining their final recommendations. All of the workgroups have identified the areas they want to impact and are determining most effective strategies and assessments. Many of the workgroups have draft recommendations they are developing into their final form and are creating mechanism for accountability.

Meeting concluded with a discussion of next steps, including a series of meeting with Hilary Roxe and Erin Fox to discuss gap analysis with each of the groups and the co-chairs shaping the recommendations into larger initiatives to be included in the Roadmap.