Roadmap 2020 Task Force Co-chair Meeting, November 12, 2020

The meeting opened with the Roadmap 2020 Task Force co-chairs thanking the workgroup co-chairs for their leadership. The workgroup co-chairs provided the group status reports on their specific areas. Many of the groups are in the process assembling their workgroup membership, giving structure to their work, identifying information required to create recommendations, and categorizing key concerns in their areas.

Following the share out, the Roadmap co-chairs shared a slide template (link to template) to capture summary information on the workgroup recommendations and processes used to develop those recommendations. This template will be used to share out the workgroups vision, background information on their topic area, and any preliminary findings or recommendations.

The group then discussed how to create transparency and identify accountability measures for their recommendations across workgroups.

The meeting concluded with next steps, including the agenda for the full Roadmap 2020 Task Force meeting scheduled for the following week and clarification on what information to include in the slide templates.