Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion

The JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion was drafted in early 2016 to capture the university’s priorities and ambitions, and to state in explicit and concrete terms its institutional commitments in this area. The document was revised with input from the university community in forums, meetings, emails, and conversations, and approved by the university board of trustees in October 2016.

In his introduction to the document, university President Ronald J. Daniels said, “At a time when people and ideas flow freely and cross-pollinate in ever more surprising ways, our community must remain open to—and inclusive of—all. A rich diversity of people, background, experience, and thought is central to our work; to our missions of education, research, and service; and to our commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression.”

He continued, “The JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion does not attempt to answer every question before us. Rather, it is intended to point us, urgently, toward a place where individuals will thrive on their own terms, and where we foster the kind of academic pursuit that attracts and supports a broadly diverse community. …
It will, no doubt, evolve over time to reflect new and emerging approaches to diversity. But it will stand as a core accountability framework, where our progress—our successes, and failures—is subject to periodic evaluation and public accountability.”